Sunday, February 22, 2009

The morning time

Good morning.
Today is study day, to get all things study done...
Meanwhile i am procrastinating in the lovely world of blog...

Don't you just love it when things get sorted out...between friends...
When everything is out in the air and plain for you both to see.
A pinch of vulnerability is essential but entirely benefitted from...
In time all things will work out.

Well, for today anyways. especially

from this weeks secrets:

                                       (This is the front of the next postcard)

                                                                      cute :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

you know you love them when...

An ode to those friends, family or speical people in life.

-you come home from work and they're the one you want to tell all your stories to...about the lady that yelled and wouldn't give you her personal details for a refund, about your amazing delivery guy and about the little asian man at the sweet station in the mall who smiles so big his eyes totally dissappear into his smile.

-when you just wana take away all things that stress, rain on and have any negative effect on them.

-you think of them when couples kiss on the movie.

-they show you they really know you...way more than you thought...and wana hang out anyways.

-no one else's opinion matters about your outfit that day for that event.

-you can't bring yourself to lie to them, you know they see right through you.

-it breaks your heart to see them learn their lessons.

to be continued at some point...
your additions welcome :)