Monday, September 29, 2008

Heres to you.

Haven't been here for a little while, life has caught me and sucked me in for a bit but I'm out now, silly life tsk tsk tsk. Last week was nice, handed in my assignment yay,! had breakfast with Chrissy, lovely lovely... and then just jazzed around.
In heart, I'm not a jumping up and down cheering supporter of summer... but i have been liking a few tidbits of what summer brings, such as nectarines and strawberries. Pretty scarves, dinner parties and late night picnics. And how for some reason everyone has less road rage and anger in general. They all start to pull out their colored clothing and jandals and just smile. There must be something in people that just closes down when there's bad weather....i wish we could be like this all year round...i myself love winter and rain.... but oh well.
My dad gave me an amazing present this last week, he is
so generous.  I am continually blown away by my families generosity, 
I am on a mission to be like them. Dad said to me that it was a tool that i can use in ministry to serve God to the best i can... thankyou Dad, i will.

Here's to you Dad, summer, nectarines and strawberries and the people :)

[a few things of summer]

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm just loving the people at the moment. Not like romantically in love with everyone, but just really enjoying the people that have been put in the little basket that is my life.
My sister popped into to the office just now, she makes me laugh like no one else. My other sister is hilarious in her own unique way also. I love how my mum gets into hysteric fits of laughter and we end up cryin
g with stomach cramps over the silliest of things. Cheree whom I share an office with just makes me laugh and cry. We discu
ss matters that I cant really with anyone else. My dad, he's neat. Bizzle makes me happy, esp. when she's bitter, but I love her just in general. And just meeting new people this year like Amanda, who's my Gilmore girls partner! who knew there were others were as obsessed as I? 
Jess who just gets me, I say one word and he's like "yeah" -sigh-
and the boy, who brings me roses and buys me jewelry, and Frankie and who is just the best thing since sliced bread.
Aunty's who encourage and help me question, affirm and contemplate, connecting tragedies and times of absolute glee in life ,helping it all make snippets of sense.

Here's to the people who make these days wonderfully diverse... Love you all.

p.s if i missed you out, its not because you aren't important, you are. this is just a tiny part.

mum and I...

me and bizzle...

sez cat...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bits and bobs...

I had a deep fried moro bar! (see first post) Tick that one off the list. Bizzle and I were having a sleepover, watching summerheights high (hilarious!) and the holiday (beautiful), and we popped down to the cute dinsdale shops and purchased one deep fried moro bar for $2. It nearly turned out to be a deep fried snickers bar, but the cute little asian man started vigorously fossicking around the shop and found us a moro bar! Thanks little asian man, you saved the day :)

Things to do:
. write assignment
. fill out uni forms
. sit in sun and read frankie that the lovely boy bought me
. excercise
. suss out my hectic october calendar
. and church later...

...right, better hop to it

just read this weeks post this one...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Have you ever felt like things are just good?

Yesterday they were. I was driving in the car with Dave, off to get noodle canteen for dinner (which was exactly what i felt like). I was the perfect temperature (which is quite uncommon as i am normally quite a cold creature). The perfect song was playing on the radio (ghosts and lullabies by mumsdolla). I was exactly where i wanted to be, with whom i wanted to be with. God was with me here, which is the most incredible, indescribable feeling in itself... and then i saw it.....
                 The most amazing sunset i've seen all winter. 

I love moments like these, so liberating. 

These are the ones to cherish always... 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm making a list of things  I love, want to do, or do more of.... 
                                       in no particular order, here's what I've got so far:

. more jesus time, throughout the day

. taking photos, photography

. dave

. family

. have more sleepovers

. go op shopping

. blowing bubbles

. read, and widen my horizons

. make things, sew, paint, bake (or learn how) etc

. write letters

. music- making, listening, discovering

. have flowers in my room

. make another wall collage

. picnics, maybe in the middle of a roundabout?

. exercise

. eat a deep fried moro bar

. rollerblading

. road trips

. hire golf buggies and go on missions

. movie marathons

. kumara fries, and new york cheese cake
. scott's epicurean

. opening new boxes at work

. love more

. gilmore girls

. spending time with friends

. post secret

. divine intervention

. laughing

. fiji, my kids in the slums

and many more...